Indie Gala “EVERY MONDAY” Bundle #21 IS LIVE, curated by our friends from Capsule Computers.»>

Pay $1.89 or more (ONLY FIRST 24h) and get the following 7 FANTASTIC GAMES!

Chronology (STEAM) ** A platform-adventure game about time travelling, puzzle solving and a friendship between an Old Inventor and a Snail. **

Garshasp: The Monster Slayer (STEAM) ** As the legendary Persian hero, fight your way in a journey to revenge and reclaim the legendary mace of his ancestors stolen by the Deevs. Purchase before 5/16 and save! **

Garshasp: Temple Of The Dragon (STEAM) ** The mighty mythological hero, Garshasp, travels into distant lands in search for the secrets hidden in the temple of the dragon, unaware of the hidden dangers and creatures awaiting him in the cursed lands. **

Volt (STEAM) ** You were on the way to a recycling process when fortunately for you - and unfortunately for the environment - you accidentally ran off. Now your goal is to escape from the facility, which is an extremely difficult task due to the fact that you are a battery without legs. **

Governor of Poker 2 (STEAM) ** Show them all, the Governor is not to be trifled with! Where have you been all those years? Lots of things have changed. Cities have grown, new people arrived… It’s all good, but some things cannot be accepted just like that! Howdy! Finally it’s there, Governor of Poker 2! **

Kingdom Tales (STEAM) ** An ancient prophecy proclaims… One day, the mighty dragons will seek new territory to claim as their own! The day has come! The prophecy has been fulfilled! Now, only the most courageous and just of leaders will be able forge a friendship between mankind and dragons! **

Doom and Destiny (DESURA) ** Doom & Destiny is an old-school RPG with tons of attitude, content and comedy! Help Nigel, Mike, Johnny and Francis, four nerdy friends, to fight their way through the funniest quest they ever had! Trapped in a fantasy world and mistaken for Heroes, those four nerds will have to deal with long journeys, hundreds of enemies, villains, super villains and even an Unnamed super villain! Will they be destined to become real Heroes? **

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Aeon Command
The Sun at Night
Dinner Date
Flight of the Icarus
Dead Hungry Diner
Super Cyborg

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(via Indie Gala Friday Special Bundle #5 Now Available)

Capping off the week that brought us the 20th iteration of the Every Monday Bundle is Indie Gala and Capsule Computer’s Friday Special Bundle #5. This bundle is jammed pack with twelve indie games for Steam and Desura.

Indie Gala “Friday Special #5 Bundle is LIVE! Curated by Capsule Computersis live! »»

Special 24 hour launch price! Pay $2.99 or more and get the full Bundle consisting of 12 FANTASTIC GAMES!

* Gateways (STEAM) 

From the creative mind behind The Adventures of Shuggy comes an exciting new retro-styled 2D platformer, a winner of Dream Build Play 2012 and a top 50 game of 2012 according to Game Informer. Grab the gateway guns and explore a huge lab filled with mysterious puzzles in this classic platforming adventure.

* Restaurant Empire II (STEAM)

The sequel to the widely popular Restaurant Empire game takes you further into the depths and delights of the culinary universe than ever before. Take part in an exciting world where the customers are fickle and the bounty in your cash register changes as quickly as their tastes.

* Home Sheep Home 2 (STEAM)

Shaun the Sheep’s BAFTA-nominated puzzle game is back for a second baa-rilliant adventure! Join Shaun, Timmy and Shirley as they journey through over 60 levels of underground caverns, negotiate the busy streets of London and teleport through outer space all in search of the green, green grass of home.

* LogiGun (STEAM) 

LogiGun is a physics-based puzzle platformer. Take control of June as she climbs a tower filled with perplexing puzzles. Mix and match a variety of neat guns to solve your way through increasingly complex challenges.

* Hero Of The Kingdom (STEAM)

You were living a calm life on your farm with your father. Those times are gone. Flames have turned your house into ashes. Your father is missing. A darkness is falling over the whole country and you are setting off on a dangerous journey.

* InFlux (STEAM)

InFlux is a puzzle game that mixes exploration and puzzle platforming in a series of beautiful natural and abstract environments. You are a mysterious metal sphere which falls from the sky, traversing an apparently deserted island dotted with cubic structures of glass and steel. Each glasshouse is a puzzle to be solved.

* Hamilton’s Great Adventure (STEAM) 

Hamilton’s Great Adventure puts your problem solving skills and reflexes to the test. Outsmart the enemies, rush through the levels and collect all the bling to ensure your place on the leaderboards.

* Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (STEAM)

Annihilate an evil penguin regime in this cinematic platform adventure game offering full solo and co-op campaigns.

* Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse (STEAM) 

A multiplayer shooter with gritty (and fast) vehicles, awe inspiring environments, and of course hard core weapons with great character classes to match.

* Luna Shattered Hearts Episode 1 (DESURA)

Luna - Shattered Hearts - Episode 1 is the first chapter of an Epic Fantasy Platform RPG! It’s centered around two main characters, Lithien and Dez. They’ve both done terrible things in their past, and over the course of the game you’ll see them both go through a metamorphosis from being self-centered disasters into the heroes that can confront any kind of adversity.

* Wooden Floor (DESURA)

Wooden Floor is a horror game inside an old house that seems normal but the further you progress into the game you start to realize that rooms change if you close a door behind you and whole corridors appear out of nowhere. Not being able to predict what is going to happen next or where you are heading for you need to make your way through the increasingly maze-like becoming house to find a way out of this bad dream that you just woke up into.

* Pahelika: Revelations (DESURA)

Fresh from his success in obtaining the magic book Pahelika, Sudesh Budkoti thought he would be getting some well earned rest. He thought wrong. Not only was he not about to get any rest, he would be called upon to save the world from an ancient evil he himself had unleashed…

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(via Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Review)

There are some weird games on the market and the whole concept of Akiba’s Trip Undead & Undressed can be one of the weirdest ones in the last few years. Vampire like creatures have been staple enemies in many games before the zombie hoard invaded everything, but the way that players must defeat these vampire like beings is probably the most unique method yet. That being said, does Akiba’s Trip Undead & Undressed warrant a purchase?

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